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HP/COMPAQ Laptop Battery CQ14-3Cell  Laptop Battery

Model No: CQ14-3Cell
Vottage: 11.1V
Capacity: 2600mAh/2800mAh/31Wh
Weight: 230g
Color: Black
Part No:
OA03 OA04 LA04 OA04041
LAO4 LA04DF VK0404 VK04041
TPN-F112 TPN-Q129 TPN-Q13 TPN-Q130
TPN-Q131 TPN-Q132 FbB96AA 728460-001
746458-421 751906-541 74641-001 740004-851
740004-141(Black&Sliver) 740715-001 746641-001 752237-001
776622-001 G1248 G1(G0R83PA) F3B96AA F7P89PA
G0R83PA 888182064801 K8N54LA
Replacement For:
Campaq 14 Series HP 240 Series HP 340 Series Campaq 15 Series
HP 240 G2 Series HP 340 G1 Series HP Pavilion 14 Series HP 248 Series
HP 345 Series HP Pavilion 15 Series HP 248 G1 Series HP 345 G2 Series
HP Pavilion 14 TouchSmart Series HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 HP 250 Series HP 350 Series
HP Pavilion 15 TouchSmart Series HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15 HP 250 G2 Series HP 350 G1 Series
HP 14 Series HP 255 Series HP 15 Series HP Pavilion 14
HP Pavilion 15 HP 255 G2 Series CQ14 CQ14-a104TX
CQ14-a001TU CQ14-105TX 8D38PA CQ14-a003TX CQ15
CQ15-a103TX CQ15-a102TX CQ15-s001tx J3Y77PA Pavilion 14 Series
Pavilion 15 Series Pavilion 14 15 TouchSmart Series Pavilion 15-N020CA 15-N020NR
15-N020TU 15-N020TX HP 14-A101TX 14-D000
14-D001AU 14-D100 14-D101TX 14-D102TX
14-D103TX 14-D104TX 14-D105TX 14-D106TX
14-D107TX 14-G000 14-G100 14-R000
14-R100 14-R200 14T-R000 14T-R100
15-D000 15-D100 15-G000 15-G001AU
15-G001NO 15-G002AU 15-G000EE 15-G000SL
15-G000SM 15-G000SQ 15-G000SR HP 15-G000NT
15-G100 15-G100CA 15-G200 15-G200NA
15-G277NR 15-G500NC 15-H000 15-H005LA
15-H006LA 15-H007A 15-R000 15-R000EL
15-R100 15-R198NR 15-R200 15-R200NA
15-R280NO 15T-R000 15T-R100 15Z-D000
15Z-G000 15Z-G100 Compaq 14-A001TU Compaq 14-A105TX
Compaq 14-S001TX Compaq 15-A000 Compaq 15-A001EF Compaq 15-A084NF
Compaq 15-A100 Compaq 15-A101TX Compaq 15-A102TX Compaq 15-A103TX
Compaq 15-G033SZ Compaq 15-H000 Compaq 15-H000NA Compaq 15-H099SB
Compaq 15-S000 Compaq 15-S000EB Compaq 15-S080SG Compaq 15-S100
Compaq 15-S100NG Compaq 15-S101NL Compaq 15-S101TU Compaq 15-S101TX
Compaq 15-S102NF Compaq 15-S102TU Compaq 15-S102TX Compaq 15-S103TU
Compaq 15-S103TX Compaq 15-S104TU Compaq 15-S104TX Compaq 15-S105TU
Compaq 15-S106NF Compaq 15-S106TU Compaq 15-S107NF Compaq 15-S109NF
Compaq 15-S111NF Compaq 15-S113NF Compaq 15-S200 Compaq 15-S201TX
Compaq 15-A001EF Compaq 15-A001SF Compaq 15-A020SB Compaq 15-A084NF
Compaq 15-S100NA Compaq 15-S100NG Compaq 15-S230NB HP 15-D000
Compaq 15-S000 Compaq 15-h000 Pavilion 14-n000 Pavilion 15-n000
Pavilion 15-n005sg Pavilion 15-n067ca TouchSmart 15-n000 TouchSmart 15-n010sg
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